CII Diploma and Advanced Diploma Units- Assessment

Dear Students,

CII are rolling out a new system of assessment over the next 3 years at both Diploma and Advanced Diploma level wherein part (or all) of assessment will consist of coursework assignment/s.

This is in lieu of or as an alternative to assessment purely by examination. The coursework element supports more in-depth study of the subject, encourages candidates to draw on and apply experiences gained in the workplace and removes some of the pressure associated with 100% testing by examination. It will also give candidates greater flexibility with their studies. Coursework is not about writing theoretical essays but about the application of knowledge. Therefore, it is about applying the learning outcomes to typical scenarios that they would encounter in the workplace.

The assignment must be students’ own work and, in submitting it, they will be declaring the originality of their work. For this reason, important rules apply to the authenticity of coursework and in respect of possible plagiarism. Specifically, rule 8 under section “Ensuring the authenticity of submitted work” states “You must not provide, or provide access to, your assignment or dissertation or any part of your assignment or dissertation, including tutor/examiner feedback, to anyone other than the CII. You must not access another candidate’s assignment or dissertation”.

In this respect, students will not be able to discuss the content of their assignments with MITC lecturers.